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Volunteers joining our Medical work experience in Mongolia project will gain a great deal of valuable work ‘know how’ in one of the most diverse cities in Asia – Ulaanbaatar. As a volunteer you need to be 18 years or older to join this project.

You will be based in small or large busy central hospitals or specialist clinics in and around the capital and will have the option to work in departments specialising in paediatrics, maternity, infectious diseases and traditional medicine. There may even be the opportunity to observe surgery.

As a medicine volunteer you will have a mainly observational role, as in accordance with Mongolian law you will not be able to treat patients directly, but you can help take basic observations.

Resources in many Mongolian hospitals are often of a basic standard, but our supervisors are among the top doctors and surgeons in the country. Patients travel long distances to attend appointments and as a volunteer you will work alongside local staff, assisting with caring for patients and daily duties.

Anyone with the opportunity to witness Mongolia and experience its culture should consider themselves very lucky! - Tenaya Storm


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