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Music Production & Business Foundation Degree

Creative Music Production and Business

A two-year foundation degree providing industry-standard production skills and specialist support to create your own music business.

-    Entry based on experience and motivation
-    Previous qualifications not essential
-    Trained specialist tutors
-    Small class sizes
-    Unlimited studio time
-    Industry links
-    Almost half the price of normal degree costs

This innovative foundation degree in Creative Music Production and Business is a two year full-time course.

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Length: 2 years, full time
Levels: 4 and 5

What's it all about?
This innovative and creative course is aimed at music producers and musicians who want to develop professional production and musicianship skills, and then go on to learn the business skills needed to create a sustainable career within the music industry. The course has been designed in response to the ever increasing demand for high quality practical and vocational training at a Higher Educational Level, by those wishing to develop their skills and experience in the music industry, both as a creative music maker and as a business entrepreneur. With excellent links to the music industry, it is a programme designed to firstly develop students’ creative and technological skills and ability, and then to focus on how students can channel these skills into their career and business development. This course is collaboration between CM Ltd – a vibrant and innovative music education and training company based in central London – and the University of Westminster. CM has a long standing tradition of training and artist development using up to date industry standard equipment and facilities. The University of Westminster has a thriving music department and commercial music degree with state-of-the-art recording studios and extensive library and IT facilities.

How many days per week?
You will be in class for approximately 2 days per week, but will need to set aside roughly the same amount of time again to complete weekly tasks and assignments, and practice what you learn in class.

What will I study?
During the 1st year of the course, students develop skills and ability in creative music production, studio techniques, recording and programming, musicianship and creative composition, and develop an understanding of the music industry and the social and cultural environment in which it operates. During the 2nd year, students turn their attention more firmly toward the music industry, focussing on business planning and development, finance skills and the music industry as a whole, whilst continuing to develop their music production skills. Students will be introduced to the professional contexts of the Music Industry and particularly the imperatives of the small scale business entrepreneur. Students are required to create and pilot their own small business idea and create a viable business plan.

How will I learn and be assessed?
Students follow an intensely practical approach to learning and are required to complete a high level of creative music output throughout the course. Students follow a varied programme of practical and theoretical tasks and are encouraged to try out what they have learnt in a practical, hands-on way, reflecting on more theoretical learning pro-actively. Students are assessed in a variety of ways; including recordings, work related projects, logbooks, written work, self evaluations and verbal presentations. There are no exams.

What can I do once I have completed the course?
The course is primarily designed to provide students with a bank of skills and knowledge necessary to create their own role within the music industry, setting up their own business for example. However, should students wish to gain employment within the existing music industry they will be equally well equipped to do so. Students will be able to enter a wide field of career areas, including commercial music production and music for media to name but a few.

Are there any opportunities for further study?
Students can take the full foundation degree or opt to do a one year Certificate of Higher Education. After completing the Foundation degree, students will be able to apply to level 6 of the BA (Hons) Commercial Music course at the University of Westminster should they wish to continue their studies.

What are the entry requirements?
This course is designed to welcome people from all current music backgrounds and does not require formal qualifications for entry. Previous practical experience of Music/Music Production is essential. A study support programme is available for those students who need it.

How much do courses cost?

The Foundation Degree in Creative Music Production and Business costs £5750 per year for two years, a saving of nearly £3500 on standard degree course fees.


Can I get any financial support?

All course fees can be covered by a full loan from the government and most students are eligible for support. These are not repayable until you have completed the course and are earning more than £21,000 per year. You may also be eligible to receive a maintenance loan or grant, depending on your personal circumstances.

How do I apply?

Click on 'apply'. Fill in the application form as directed.


The details you'll need to apply are:

Course details for application:

Institution Code Name: WESCL

Institution Code: W51

Course Code: WN31

Short form of Course Title: FdA / CMPB

You can use towards your living costs.

You can search for this course code on the UCAS web site for more details. Write as much information about yourself and your musical background on your form as possible. This is your chance to tell us about yourself and why you want to do this course. Contact CM for further guidance and info.

Music Production & Business Foundation Degree

Level 5, Level 5, Level 5

Published on 23 Jul 2019