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Our domiciliary care services provide care and support to individuals or families in their own home. The service is required due to infirmity, illness, incapacity or social problems that prevent our clients from undertaking their various self-care duties. Our aim is to promote and prolong our client’s independence in their own home.

Predominantly, our client base is elderly, though illness effects all ages, therefore you should be able to care for clients from the age of 18 years old.

Our social care worker services provide personal care and support. My Homecare also employ support staff responsible for assisting with domestic duties in the client’s home.

Care work is a career. Our care workers receive practical training to complete their duties, as well as studying for Certificates and Diploma’s in care, so as to promote their career development.


Main Duties (not inclusive):


  • To organise and coordinate carers to travel to the residence of clients who are having difficulty coping for a variety of reasons;
  • To ensure care staff arrive at pre-arranged time as documented in Service User Care Plan


  • To ensure care staff complete all services for that client, as specified in their individual Care Plan;


  • To encourage care staff to arrive at the pre-arranged time.


  • To monitor care staff are arriving at pre-arranged times.


  • To monitor the Careplanner App to ensure carers are using this system effectively.



  • To work and communicate with family, relatives, local authority social workers, district nurses and other members of the care team;



  • To inform care staff of changes to care plan and interventions required




  • To contact emergency care services in cases of emergency;


  • To document and report to the Registered Manager / Responsible person, on the welfare of the client.


  • To ensure all care visits are attended by an appropriately trained and experienced carer


  • To ensure carers are given information about the service user, their difficulties and the roles they are to perform, prior to their first attendance.


  • To ensure all care visits have the agreed number of carers at all times and visits take place at the pre-arranged times.
  • In cases of staff shortages and in emergencies act in the role as Care Worker ensuring per-arranged care visits take place.
  • To attend all study courses organised by the Company Training Manager.
  • To be available for on-call every third week, Monday to Sunday.
  • To act in accordance with all My Homecare operational policies and procedures;
  • In times of staff shortages to work within the 24 hour rota system, which includes Bank Holidays, weekends and evenings.
  • To be contactable via a mobile phone if necessary information needs communicated to yourself about a client;
  • To place calls – to act professionally and as the company representative when meeting new clients.
  • To train carers.
  • To write care plans and risk assessments.
  • To visit clients as required, to monitor their care.
  • To do spot checks/monitoring calls on carers.
  • To assist with recruitment.
  • To assist during interviews for new carers.
  • To assist during appraisals of carers.
  • To assist during disciplining of carers.
  • To assist as required, for the efficient running of the company.
  • You will be accountable to the Registered Manager or their delegated person.



  • My Homecare require a DBS prior to commencement of work, which the company will apply for;


  • Offers of employment are subject to the Company receiving two written references, one of which being from your last employer;


  • Statutory sick pay will be payable following the first 72 hours of illness;
  • Employees are entitled to 5.6 weeks paid annual leave inclusive of bank holidays.
  • All posts are subject to a three month probationary period.



To support customers with all aspects of their day to day living, so they can enjoy the best possible quality of life. You will mostly work alone with the customer, providing care and support offers many rewards, but can also be challenging. Compassion, good communication skills and a calm and caring manner are essential for this role.

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