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Network Engineer Traineeship - Guaranteed job after course

Start Your IT Career Today

Our Network Engineer Traineeship is the easiest way to start a new career in IT with fantastic career prospects. Our simple four step process will give you all of the training and certifications required to break into the industry. You will first be placed into an IT role with a starting salary of £18K-£25K and then be fast-tracked into a Network Engineer role after 2 years, with a starting salary of £33K.

We have partnered with some of the biggest IT companies across the UK who trust us to provide them with high quality, entry level technicians. These companies are looking for new starters to move into their Network Engineer teams to help keep up with their growth.

IT is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Networking is key to keeping businesses running, which is why they invest heavily in qualified professionals. Within 4 years of completing the Traineeship you could be earning £50K+.

What's included?

  • Accredited training courses from CompTIA, Microsoft and Cisco
  • Official CompTIA A+ & Cisco CCNA Exams (Worth £558)
  • Livelab for your practical work
  • Expert tutor support
  • Expert CV review
  • £18K-£25K job guarantee within 20 miles of your home
  • 100% of your course fees back if you’re not placed into a role
  • 1 years unlimited access to Step 1-3 & 2 years access to step 4

Network Engineer Traineeship - Guaranteed job after course

United Kingdom
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Published on 29 Sep 2021

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