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Office Administration Apprentice - Edinburgh (EH1) - 1233

Employer Description

You will be working for a professional body to which all Advocates belong. The organisation you will be working for is responsible for prescribing the criteria and procedure for admission to the public office of Advocate and for removal from that office as well as regulating the professional practice, conduct and discipline of Advocates.

The apprentice required to assist 4 key areas of the department;Fee Administration, Credit Control, Cash Administration &Records Document Management.

Job specification:


  • Accountant Requests - Create, reconcile and provide;Tax Statements, Summary of Fees Outstanding ( Debtors Reports)and Case Summary Reports ( Fees issued)
  • Advocate Requests - Retrieve and provide;Vat Quarter Reports, Copy Remittance Advice, Copy Payment Reports
  • Telephone enquiries - assist or forward query to the relevant team
  • Assist the various teams with miscellaneous project work
  • Assist the Management team with basic admin, including the issue of the monthly Advocate remittance advice
  • Therefore retrievals - assist with various requests for copy case related documents

A further in-depth job spec, detailing role more precisely can be acquired upon application.


  • Confident communicator
  • Strong English and Grammar
  • An interest in the legal sector
  • Show initiative
  • High levels of attention to detail

Qualifications required

5 standards ( Level 1 - 3)OR 5 National Level 5 grades, both qualifications including Maths and English

Additional information

You will work Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm

Benefits/ Other Important Information

Permanent job at the end of the apprenticeship for right candidate.

Office Administration Apprentice - Edinburgh (EH1) - 1233

Apprenticeships, Higher Apprenticeship

Published on 23 Jul 2019