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Part Time Foundation in Filmmaking Course


  • Twelve-week part-time course (Tuesdays 7pm-10pm)
  • Ideal for students who are passionate about filmmaking but require a part-time schedule
  • Take part in  several practical exercises to improve your shooting, directing and editing skills
  • Understand how films are made
  • Learn about key roles and responsibilities of individual crew members
  • Suitable for beginners, no previous experience is required


Part-Time Foundation in Filmmaking familiarises you with filmmaking process and builds a solid foundation in the core screen crafts. The course consists of both lectures and practical workshops, giving you an opportunity to put what you learn into practice and take an informed decision about the next steps in your career or studies.

  • Learn about the role of director, including directing actors and preparing for a shoot using storyboards, script markups and technical floor plans
  • Discover the role of screenwriter and the stages of story development
  • Receive camera training and technical operation skills, including the effect of differing focal length lenses, digital camera, the principles of shot composition, master short, close-ups and cutaways
  • Become familiar with the role of the sound recordist by learning about sound kit, working with sound equipment and recording dialogues
  • Receive introduction to cinematography by learning about lighting and  the basics of shot composition
  • Develop postproduction skills to be able to edit your screen content
  • Direct a short sequence to practise on-set procedures, camera operation, sound recording and directing commands


  • Introduction and filmmaking overview
  • Overview of screenwriting
  • Introduction to producing
  • Introduction to directing
  • Camera 
  • Lighting
  • Sound training
  • Screenwriting
  • Practical exercise
  • Introduction to editing
  • Review of your filmed exercise

Part Time Foundation in Filmmaking Course

London, UK
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Published on 30 May 2020