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Now is a fantastic time to be taking the first steps into a career in the fitness industry.  Our courses are designed to teach you the skills and give you the knowledge to become a fantastic personal trainer. While on the course you will have access to our award-winning online learning platform and our amazing support team will be available to offer advice and guidance.

After you qualify you will get access to our career concierge service which provides discounts on things like marketing tools and PT insurance. We will also help you to get a job - we have some fantastic partners who are always looking for highly qualified personal trainers.

All of our personal training courses include our personal training course foundations (example of below) Dependent on your course choice, you will learn a wider range of personal training skills that you can take into your new career.

Cutting edge content including

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Analysis of client information
  • Business skills and employment preparation
  • Circuit Training
  • Functional programme design
  • Movement screening
  • Training movements vs. training muscles
  • Effective coaching models
  • Postural assessment
  • 10-step consultation process
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Health and safety
  • Diseases and health conditions
  • Planning and instructing gym-based exercise
  • Nutrition

Our courses are internationally-recognised and exceed the standards set by REPs and CIMSPA. The Personal Training courses are also accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Whether you choose our entry level course or our more advanced options, you will be able to work in the UK and internationally as a personal trainer.  You can choose to study Full Time, Part Time or via Distance Study. 

Getting started is easy - pick your course, then how you want to study. From there, contact our enrolments team and they will get you booked in. As soon as you have signed up, you will have access to the online learning materials.

Courses -

Practitioner Diploma –The Practitioner course is our entry level Personal Training course. It is ideal for those looking to become a PT in the shortest time.

Specialist Diploma – Our Specialist  course is a deeper learning experience, giving you a wider range of services you can offer to clients upon qualification. This course is our most popular. In addition to the core PT course you will also learn Sports Conditioning, Outdoor Fitness, Group Indoor Cycling and Level 3 Exercise Referral.

Master Diploma – The Master Diploma Personal Training course is our most advanced course. It is perfect for anyone looking to offer the most services to potential clients upon qualifying. As well as the core PT course you will also study Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes Management and Life coaching as well as; Sports Conditioning, Outdoor Fitness, Group Indoor Cycling and Level 3 Exercise Referral.

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