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RAF Cyberspace Communications Specialist - FULL TIME CAREER WITH APPRENTICESHIP

Cyberspace Communication Specialist
(Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship - Unified Communication Technician).

Our Cyberspace Communication Specialists are at the heart of everything we do, nothing starts without them.

Imagine a world without your mobile phone , WiFi or social media. Imagine a world where you can’t trust that someone isn’t reading your personal messages. Our Cyberspace Communication Specialists are responsible for maintaining all the communications networks the RAF rely on every day, and defending them from being interrupted or seen by the wrong people.

As a Cyberspace Communication Specialist you will be trained to use high-tech tools and equipment and will be responsible for establishing and maintaining systems. You will be responsible for a wide variety of tasks; ranging anywhere from safeguarding our UK-based IT networks from intrusions, coordinating the RAF’s vast array of information, all the way to establishing overseas networks and equipment for Deployed Commanders and Air Traffic Services.


Do you want to become part of this highly trained and technologically skilled workforce that ensure that the RAF remains at the cutting edge of technology? Apply for Cyberspace Communication Specialist today and start your Apprenticeship.


You need a minimum of Grade C (Grade 4 to 5 with effect from Aug 17) or SCE Standard Grade 2/Scottish National 5 (Grade A – C) in the following GCSEs:

•  Mathematics

•  English

•  An approved science or tech-based subject is preferable

Fitness requirements- 2.4Km run (treadmill), Press-ups (1 minute) & Sit-ups (1 minute)


Minimum Average Pay Over Your First Year £17,000+ & Benefits

Initial pay after training £20,000+ & Benefits

For more information about the role and details of our application process, visit the RAF Recruitment website. To be directed straight to our site Click 'Apply'.

By submitting your details you agree that you may be contacted by 3rd parties regarding roles in the RAF.

RAF Cyberspace Communications Specialist - FULL TIME CAREER WITH APPRENTICESHIP

United Kingdom
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Published on 2 Jun 2020