RAF Engineering Apprenticeship- OLD

Royal Air Force

We are no longer receiving applications for this opportunity, but there are plenty more open so please continue searching.

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The Royal Air Force (RAF) polices the skies, protecting the UK from threats at home while peacekeeping abroad. Our full and spare-time roles offer skills for life, and a chance to play a part in operations around the world – from providing humanitarian aid to preventing a civil war.  Without the RAF Engineers this wouldn't happen.  We make up approximately 40% of the RAFs manpower.

The Apprenticeships

We have many Engineering roles to choose from delivered by the RAF who are rated as Ofsted Outstanding training providers.  The RAF Engineering apprenticeship roles available now are Aircraft Avionics Mechanic, Aircraft Technician Mechanical, Weapons Technician, Cyberspace Communication Specialist, Communications Infrastructure Technician, Vehicle and Mechanical Equipment Technician, General Technician Workshops, Electrician and Survival Equipment Specialist.

For those with an interest in IT, technology and telecommunications, there is a £5K Joining Bonus on offer to new entrants joining in the apprenticeship role of Cyberspace Communication Specialist.  The joining bonus is paid on completion of training and requires 4 years service thereafter.  Other Terms and Conditions apply.

Why an RAF Apprenticeship

  • RAF apprentice earns £15,000+ Per annum/pa from day one, going higher once they progress into their phase two training, while the minimum a Civilian apprentice earns is £7,696 annum/pa from day one.
  • Civilian qualification with a guaranteed RAF job at the end of it.
  • You receive dedicated and free on base medical and dental care.
  • You’ll receive the very best training with excellent tutor support and mentoring.
  • Opportunities for adventurous training and sport whilst being paid.
  • Subsidised accommodation and catering.
  • 6 weeks paid holiday a year.
  • You can apply for any of our Engineering Apprenticeships from 15 years and 9 months on predicted results up to 30 years old.  Cyberspace Communications Specialists can join up to 36 years old.  Minimum start age 16 years old.
  • Travel.
  • Access to enhanced discounts with the Defence Discount Service.
  • Excellent camaraderie and team ethos.

Search for "RAF Recruitment Benefits" for more info. The list is endless!

What now?

To gain an apprenticeship in the RAF you still need to meet all of the entry requirements for whichever role it is for and get through all stages of the application process. You will gain the apprenticeship as part of your phase two (trade) training. Search for these RAF Engineering Apprenticeships on NGtU.

For more information about the role and details of our application process, visit the RAF Recruitment website.

To be directed straight to our site click 'Apply Now'. 

Application closed

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