Six-Month Acting for Film Course

Apply From: 4th of February 2019
Application Deadline:
Start Date: 7th of May 2019

MetFilm School's six-month full-time course covers the core skills and industry insights that you’ll need to launch a career in acting, from voice and movement techniques to getting ready for castings and auditions. It is ideal for those who are looking to retrain as an actor and build an enhanced understanding of on-set practices and the technical requirements.

Six-month full-time course (Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm), Idea for students who are considering a career change and looking to build robust acting skills.

  • Improve your vocal and physical expression and build an understanding of on-screen acting skills and technical aspects of the profession
  • Receive an introduction to motion capture, an innovative fast-growing area of filmmaking, which focuses on movement in the virtual world
  • Study the fundamentals of combat movement, essential for action films
  • Learn about various job opportunities for an actor in today’ s market, including acting and voice acting for film, radio and commercials
  • Meet agents, casting directors and professional actors to receive advice about audition techniques and casting opportunities in the industry
  • Get familiar with the filmmaking process, understand how to work with a film crew on set
  • Participate in a shooting day with a professional film crew

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