Six-Month Producing Course

Apply From: 5th of February 2019
Application Deadline:
Start Date: 7th of May 2019

Six-Month Producing Full-Time Course

Looking to build your future in the screen industries? MetFilm School is the perfect place to turn your passion into practice. Working closely with leading industry professionals, we offer you a career-focused, cutting edge, practical learning experience.

This course prepares you for production work in film, television and online media. You will learn the essential business and creative skills you need to secure a job in the screen industries or succeed as an entrepreneur.

  • Understand the opportunities and benefits of producing short films, feature films, TV and online projects
  • Find out how to maximise the use of resources under your control when creating a film
  • Develop your budgeting and scheduling skills, essential to the success of your project
  • Produce a market-ready idea for film or television and present your finance, marketing and budget plans, revenue waterfall and a TV Bible
  • Learn how to pitch to commissioners and investors
  • Build an understanding of the legal side of film production
  • Receive guidance and feedback from professional industry tutors and develop a strategy for the next steps of your producing career

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