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Visit South Africa, a "Rainbow Nation" that combines modern culture with an ancient landscape that is simply breathtaking. South Africa has evolved over thousands of years to become the biologically and culturally diverse nation that it is today, and attracts thousands of visitors a year to its wide, sandy beaches, cosmopolitan cities and, of course, its famous wildlife and game reserves.

South Africa is a nation also famous for its enthusiasm for sports and, as it successfully hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup, it is a fantastic time to visit South Africa as a sports coaching volunteer! Whether you enjoy playing sport socially or have represented your school, university or club team, or even if you have coaching qualifications, volunteer coaching placements in South Africa will allow you to share your passion with children who have few other opportunities to play and learn in a well-structured environment.

Contribute to this great project which is bringing both education and enjoyment to thousands of disadvantaged children in South Africa! In your free time, explore the great selection of game reserves, vast stretches of golden beaches and numerous adventurous activities from scuba diving to horse riding!


South Africa has a great sporting reputation but few top players come from poorer background and many young people lack the opportunity to play sport in a well-structured environment. The project aims to bridge this gap and offer young people from disadvantaged background the opportunity to benefit from structured sports training. In addition, working closely with Sports Academies, the project strives to identify South Africa's next generation of top sportsmen and women.

Although the focus is on sport, the project's aims are far larger. The goal is to inspire young people and teach life skills, developing a responsible youth, as well as bridging social divides and enhancing awareness of a wide range of social and health issues. Essentially sport is used as a vehicle to holistically improve the lives of young people from township communities.

As a sports coaching volunteer, you can help provide opportunities for enthusiastic young players to practise sports in an organised and fun environment as well as teaching them personal life skills which will equip them for the rest of their lives!


Under the leadership of local staff you will usually work five days a week coaching children of various ages, normally between nine and 16, on both in-school and after-school placements at various schools in the townships around Port Elizabeth. 

You will normally work with children who are from disadvantaged backgrounds and you will become so much more than just a coach to them. As their mentor and friend, you will lead them on a sports training program as well as teaching parts of a life-skills curriculum designed to be both enjoyable and educational. 

The majority of your placement will involve running training clinics and matches for the children as well as providing them with decent sporting equipment. You may also get the opportunity to organise tournaments, holiday camps and various educational activities depending on when you travel and local school holidays. Over the course of your project, you will see the children develop and improve under your guidance, making this an exceptionally rewarding project!

Whilst you are on the project we also provide a range of exciting activities for our volunteers on weekends including a free game drive at a local game reserve, a free trip to the famous Jeffrey's Bay where you can go dune boarding for an extra fee, as well as taking all of our volunteers to watch the terrifying bungy jumping which again you have the opportunity to get involved in for an extra fee.

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