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Sports enthusiasts wanting to join our Sport in Mongolia project will get a chance to use their sporting talents by working together with teachers to improve the quality of school sports coaching in local schools and communities. The project takes place in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar and the history of the country encompasses Chinese dynasties and Soviet Communism.

In more recent years the younger generation of Mongolia has broken away from the more traditional school sports of wrestling, horse riding and archery and have instead shown a greater interest in football, basketball and volleyball. However, many schools lack the resources and finances needed to incorporate regular sports lessons in to the curriculum, so this is where you would come in.

If you specialise in a particular sport, have a good knowledge of a game and how to coach it effectively, then you will be in high demand. We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers with a passion for their sporting preference and willingness to teach, regardless of your ability – you are welcome to join this project. Your role may range from fitness training, refereeing games, developing programmes and helping to improve student’s general sporting skills.

This project offers you a real chance to use your sporting talents in order to make a difference within the local Mongolian community.


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