Start a Career in the Video Games Industry

We are no longer receiving applications for this opportunity, but there are plenty more open so please continue searching.

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  • Music, Media & Games

Start a Career in the Video Games Industry!

Are you looking for a new career? Then why not consider the Video Games
Industry, which is a growing part of the UK economy, and the Government has
marked as an area of specific interest!

Why Choose a Career in the Video Games Industry?

•This is a growth industry and Britain has a large share of the
worldwide games market

•With the introduction of casual gaming such as games on Facebook
the industry is set to grow significantly over the coming years and

•Creating video games is a skill and as a result you can expect to earn
high salaries including over £100k for senior employees

Why Start a Course with Us?

•All courses lead to recognised Diplomas and are endorsed by TIGA,
the UK Video Game Industry Professional Association

•There are four exciting courses that can help you start a new career

•Each course is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge
required to actually do the job

•All courses allow flexible delivery methods so you can learn full-time,
part-time or even whilst you work in your current job

What are the Courses?

•All courses are designed to give the student the skills and knowledge
required to start a job in the relevant position

•Game Designer – teaches current game design processes and how to
design, build and develop a game from initial conception through to

•Game QA Tester – provides students with the ability to identify and
analyse issues and areas for improvement in a game and document these

•Artist/Animator - teaches modeling and animation techniques using
bespoke industry-relevant software applications and proprietary tools

•Game Developer – allows you to understand game development
processes and the languages and tools used to create games


Application closed

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