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In this role, you will create a sourcing strategy based on the hiring plan to generate candidates for high priority roles and pipeline for other active roles

  • Agree on a clear brief with the recruiter on types of profiles, companies and use various channels to identify and engage the right profile candidates for ROI Hunter active roles
  • Bringing in a minimum of 30 profiles new contacts per role every week with the aim of having at least 5 candidates move to the screening stage
  • Using the right channels for the right jobs in the most efficient way (time, costs, energy)
  • Communication with both active and passive candidates as ROI Hunter employer brand ambassador
  • Working closely with the Recruiter to ensure the quality of candidates are coming through and revise hiring strategy/criteria based on recruiter’s feedback
  • Send out Hunters code to candidates who have been selected for a screen call with the recruiter.
  • Record all communications with candidates on Workable to ensure the Recruiter has all the relevant information to successfully proceed the candidate.
  • Providing hiring pipeline data - key metrics: new contacts per week; % of prospects who become candidates; # of interviews for Recruiter% of candidates who become hires.

You will learn the required Digital Client Services skills including:

  • Work with the CRM and other databases.
  • IT tools, such as MS Excel, & presentation software to collect, analyse and communicate customer data to improve the effectiveness of the business.
  • use communication tools including email, CRM systems & databases, to gather & share customer information to manage & develop customer relationships.
  • Customer relationships require an understanding of business processes using digital skills.
ROI Hunter are looking for a Talent Sourcer to help support the growth of their commercial team. You will have the opportunity to learn Digital Skills to fulfil the requirements of the role.

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