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Employer description:
Our company operates in the Aerospace sector, providing quality tools for Air Navigation Procedure Designers that not only keep up with the ever-changing aviation industry but also enable more effective ways to design instrument flight procedures and reduce cost. Today, ASD is an established software company in the aeronautical market place with solutions being used all over the world, and we want you to be a part of our team.

Job overview / purpose:
You will be mentored and coached by the Senior Consultant Programmer to learn the technologies used in the business, analyse customer requirements and advise on the optimal course of action to meet their needs. But you will also be expected to be able to work autonomously on given development tasks as well.

The successful candidate will help to develop critical products for our clients, and offer excellent technical support.
This is a fantastic opportunity to engage in a positive and creative work environment that offers excellent opportunities for career growth and development.

Main responsibilities: [will include but not be limited to]
• Develop new and improved applications to transform a wide range of customer content into a variety of output formats. This will include print (PDF), web (HTML) and embedded solutions using state of the art technologies.
Maintain and extend an organization’s publishing stylesheets, perform customizations to output such as changing fonts and colours, and understand the DITA Open Toolkit framework to handle more complex development tasks in the future and understand:
1. Which tasks require more development effort than others, and why
2. What are some sensible approaches to common development requirements
3. What do DITA-OT developers mean when they talk about XSL templates
• Support the use of multiple language localization output requirements dependent upon customer needs
• Develop scripts/plugins that can be used to perform data migration and conversion functions from various content structures to structured XML (usually DITA)
Become familiar with the following technical areas of development:
1. XSLT stylesheet development
2. How to use XPath to access any node in the XML node tree
3. How to create and call templates
4. Reuse: variables; named templates; functions
5. How to use conditions to control flow in templates
6. Techniques for grouping, sorting and recursion
7. How to include/import stylesheets
8. Numbering; analysing strings; keys
• Test scripts and produce technical documentation for customer delivery and use. Test customer scripts/plugins developed by both you and senior colleagues to an agreed test plan
• Develop XSLT plugins to publish customer XML content to both PDF and HTML formats. Where necessary develop Plugins that are capable of integration with the DITA Open Toolkit
• Support all bid activity as required: Provide accurate estimates of development effort required to create plugins for customer styling work for use by project managers in bid requirements
• Log all work carried out accurately in Mekon Time-logging system

Desired qualities:
You should ideally be comfortable with mark-up languages such as DITA and HTML and have some experience of CSS and coding.
Analytical thinking:
• A problem-solving mind-set
• A desire to understand at a deep level
• Able to understand, manipulate, and repair complex computer code
Strong attention to detail:
• An understanding of programming logic and techniques
• Able to pay attention to every piece of code written
• Ability to follow a project through to completion
Collaboration and communication:
• Able to work under the direction of senior programmers and consultants but also be comfortable to work alone on your own initiative
• Able to communicate effectively and explain complex ideas clearly both in writing and verbally

Desired qualification requirements:
3 x GCSE (or equivalent) at grades A-C in any subject, plus GCSE English and Maths (or equivalents) at grade D or above.

Working week:
5 days per week,
9.00am - 5.30pm,
37.5 hours per week, [all details will be confirmed with the employer]

£200 per week

• Career progression
• Higher salary
• More holidays

Important Information:
QA’s apprenticeships are funded by the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), an executive agency of the Department for Education.

To be eligible for a Government funded apprenticeship you must have lived in the UK or European Economic Area (EEA) for the last 3 consecutive years.

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