BMW Group

At the BMW Group we make exceptional cars and motorcycles, such as the i8 BMW’s hybrid supercar which are redefining our industry. We have outstanding factories containing the very latest production technology. Our world-wide sales have more than doubled in the last fifteen years. In a world of financial instability we are sustainably profitable.

We are able to do these things because of our employees. The people who market, design, develop and test our products, who build, maintain and operate our production systems and who sell, finance and service our cars are the key to our continued success. It is of vital importance that we continually attract young, talented people to come and work for us.

At the BMW Group we believe and invest in our apprenticeships. As we have grown we have built factories across the globe, every one of which has established an apprenticeship programme and which, altogether, take on more than a thousand apprentices every year.

Apprenticeships have always been a fantastic way of entering the world of work, of equipping a young person with the skills upon which they can build a career and of allowing an employer to nurture those characteristics and behaviours which underpin business success. Our apprenticeships are continually being improved, they span a wide range of business areas, offer extremely high quality training and can provide access to higher level qualifications.

If you have an enthusiasm for problem solving, working in teams and constant challenges and variety in a fast paced environment, a BMW Group apprenticeship could be the first part of a fantastic career.

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