British Red Cross

At the British Red Cross, we put kindness into action. Our goal is to make sure that anyone, anywhere, gets the help that they need.

Ever since our formation in 1872, our organisation has been built on volunteers giving up their time to help us make a difference, and nothing has changed today. 

However much time you have and whatever your experience, there are lots of UK volunteering opportunities at the British Red Cross. 

Volunteering gives you the chance to meet new people, learn new skills and help people get the support they need if crisis strikes. 

What can you expect? Well, here’s a few things:

  • to make a real difference to someone’s life
  • to be valued and respected, whoever you are and whatever your background
  • opportunities to expand your role and learn new skills
  • recognition of the skills and experience you bring to the organisation
  • to receive agreed out of pocket expenses when you give us your time

You can volunteer in a number of areas, this includes the following;

Helping people get a wheelchair

We need your help to run our wheelchair service so we can provide wheelchairs to people who could be stranded at home after an accident or an illness.










Helping people who feel alone -

Through just a few hours a week, you could provide a huge help for someone experiencing loneliness or social isolation.

Volunteering in our charity shops

We have charity shops around the UK powered by volunteers - people like you. Help us raise funds to help people in crisis



Volunteering in emergencies

In an emergency you'll be there to help when someone needs it most.

You can choose a role to suit you. You could connect families across continents or volunteer with the elderly in your community. 

You could help someone who has lost their home in a fire or have a chat with customers in a Red Cross shop. 

You can learn - and train others  - in life-saving first aid skills. 

Whether you’re 15 or 70+ you can make your volunteering role your own.

Happy volunteering!


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