Capita Talent Partnerships

Are you looking for employment but with little or no work experience? Want to improve your skills and launch your career?

Our Capita WorksForMe programmes are dedicated to helping 16+ year olds develop the skills needed to find, stay and progress in work.

Due to our strong partnerships with a host of UK household names, including hospitality businesses, high street banks, utilities, telecommunications and charities, we are able to help applicants get a foothold on the career ladder through work placements and practical career advice.

Here are some reasons why you should sign up for a Capita WorksForMe programme:

  • 98% of our applicants said they confidence and knowledge of working environments had improved by completing our Capita WorksForMe programme
  • 80% of those who completed the programme have secured a permanent job or an apprenticeship
  • 1,260 young learners have achieved three Level 1 accredited qualifications in Personal and Social Development, Employability Skills and Customer Service
  • We provided over 4,000 young learners provided with information, advice and guidance and career support
  • 750+ Outcomes – learners who have progressed to either employment or an apprenticeship

(All information correct as of January 2016)

Choose a career path that works for you!

Choose a career path that works for you!

Posted: 9th of January 2017 by Naomi Bourne

#WorksforMe traineeship programmes and learning academies offer work placements and practical advice that can help you get…

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