The CII is the world’s largest professional body for insurance, risk and financial planning. There are more than 125,000 CII members around the world in over 150 countries. The majority are still in the UK, the global heart of insurance and risk management. If you like working with big numbers, look no further – our sector manages nearly two trillion pounds of investments. That is a lot of zeroes.

In fact, the UK has thousands of companies that specialise in our areas, from the largest global organisations to specialist companies with fewer than 10 people working for them.

Getting a CII qualification will set you apart, and demonstrate your professionalism. The great news is that more and more companies are offering Apprenticeships that contain CII qualifications, all around the country. When you pass CII exams you can use our designatory letters, which are globally-recognised.

Thinking about missing out on degree studies? Don’t worry – our qualifications give you access to the final stages of Bachelors degrees as well as direct entry to Masters degrees, so you can still graduate, but at a fraction of the cost of studying full-time over three or more years. Smart thinking eh?

Our free Discover membership can put you in touch with people who do the jobs you want to do, and the people who recruit apprentices. Click here for more.

Oh, and just in case you think our sectors are stuffed full of men in grey suits – 48% of our 18-25 year old members are female, with just as much chance of becoming a high-ranking client-facing professional or a data specialist as the guys. 


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