Why choose CITB?

Whether you enjoy working with your hands, planning and organising or doing

something creative, there is a role for you and you’ll get paid while you learn your trade.


There are other benefits too;


· Loads of variety Every day on a construction project will bring new and interesting

challenges, so no two days will be the same and you’ll never be bored

· You’ll get to build the stuff people depend on How many professionals in other industries
can point at a new hospital, school or sports stadium and say “I helped to build that”?


· You’ll get to see immediate results Regardless of your role on site, seeing the progress
that you’ve made at the end of every day is one of the most rewarding parts of a job in


· You’ll be part of a team Strong working relationships are formed on construction projects
because everyone on the team depends on everyone else to get the job done.


We’ll support you

From the day you submit your application form, a dedicated apprenticeship officer will be on

hand to co-ordinate your training programme and support you throughout your

apprenticeship. The apprenticeship officer is the link between you, the college (or training provider) 
and your employer. It's their job to monitor your progress on site and in training through reviews of

your progress to make sure you achieve your final goal.


We’re great at what we do

We’ve been rated as an ‘outstanding’ apprenticeships provider by Ofsted for the second

consecutive inspection – this means we’re awesome!

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