Global Media Projects

It’s tough to break into a career in media.  Global Media Projects gives you the opportunity to gain experience overseas and at placements that will really stand out on your CV or portfolio. If you are interested in a career as a journalist or in the media, you will know that it's incredibly important to have media work experience that makes you stand out.

You might be a gap year student looking for your first newspaper placement, a media student looking for worthwhile media work experience as part of your course, a graduate or career breaker looking for broadcast experience or a journalist looking to broaden their horizons. Each media and journalism work experience placement is tailored to your background and experience allowing us to arrange meaningful placements for people with lots of media experience or none at all.

Whether you are looking for print and online journalism experience at magazines or newspapers, broadcast journalism experience at TV or Radio stations or the opportunity to work in film production, we can arrange a placement that will make you stand out and get you noticed!

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