The world is changing dramatically, and it is innovative companies like IBM who are driving this transformation. For over 100 years, IBM has been at the forefront of technology creating innovative solutions and products that have changed the world in which we live. Working with IBM you’ll have unmatched opportunities to do meaningful work such as helping doctors develop personalized, more effective treatments for cancer, improving energy production, easing traffic congestion and finding smarter ways to manage the world’s water supply. What better place could you think to work? 

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See what you will make with IBM

See what you will make with IBM

Posted: 10th of February 2016 by Naomi Bourne

We know you face lots of choices about what to do once you’ve finished college and if you’re undecided, our IBM School Leaver…

Apprenticeships with IBM

Apprenticeships with IBM

Posted: 20th of October 2015 by Anonymous

We all learn differently and University isn't the right path for everyone, and after twelve years of education it’s not surprising…

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