NUS & Apprentice extra


NUS extra and Apprentice extra are the ultimate discount and lifestyle cards for students and vocational learners and have been designed to make your studying more exciting, more memorable and more rewarding.

NUS extra was introduced by the National Union of Students in 2006 and has gone from strength to strength with more than ½ million card holders this year. In 2011 NUS introduced Apprentice extra to support word-based learners who don’t normally have access to the discounts offered to other young people in higher education.

Money generated from sales of Apprentice extra will go towards funding a National Society for Apprentices, which will act as a voice and support service for Apprentices throughout the UK. So whether you’re studying at University or starting an apprenticeship, you can access exclusive discounts, offers and competitions from the market-leading student discount card provider.

A card costs from just £11 for a full 12 months of savings. Discount partners include the 16-25 Rail Card, Superdrug, Staples, Amazon, ASOS, and Odeon. If you’re super-savvy, you can save as much as £525 per year! 

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