Rolls-Royce careers for school leavers

“You feel a sense of achievement of knowing your work will be part of a real product. It’s great being able to say, ‘I did that’.” Jessica, Engineering Higher Apprentice, Rolls-Royce 

We know not everyone’s keen to go straight from school to university, to build up debt, and to put their career development on hold while they study. If that sounds like you, an apprenticeship or trainee programme with us could be your perfect choice. You’ll not only get hands-on training, earn a competitive salary and build a great support network, you could also work towards achieving a professional qualification or degree. It’s a great way to start your career, while completing debt-free studies.


Our opportunities

If you’re studying for A-levels you could join us for Degree Apprenticeships: Engineering; Non-Destructive Testing; Materials Laboratories; Commercial; Supply Chain Management; or Project Management. We also offer a Management Accountant Training Scheme – CIMA Professional, and a Manufacturing Management Sponsored Master’s Degree Programme.

If you’re studying for GCSEs: Get hands-on with a Practical or Technical Apprenticeship, or learn how to become a Project Planner on our Associate Project Manager Apprenticeship.

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About Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce technology has powered Spitfires and supersonic jets; our engines have broken land speed records and set new standards of fuel efficiency in the air and at sea. So it’s no wonder that within the civil and defence aerospace, nuclear, marine and power systems markets, our name is synonymous with excellence, quality and innovative engineering.

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