Severn Trent

Think of water and you probably think of us: Severn Trent is one of the largest regulated water companies in England. In Wales, our customers are looked after by Hafren Dyfrdwy, our new company which symbolises the teaming up of Dee Valley Water and Severn Trent and will bring wonderful water to mid and north-east Wales. The partnership combines a community approach with the perks of being a wider public company. Together, we provide our customers with clean, safe water and remove and treat waste water in responsible, sustainable ways.

By 2020, we want to be the most trusted water company. That’s why we’re transforming service in the water industry, driving growth, and coming up with new ideas every day to shape the future for everyone and keep water flowing. Our goal is to always listen to the customer and provide the value service, whilst showing that we are a lead example of environmental leadership.

Managing water is a challenge but we are dedicated to making sure it doesn’t have an adverse effect on our ecosystem. We take steps to preserve wildlife and their habitats, as well as working with partner organisations such as the Environment Agency, to help support our regions water sources and biodiversity.

Ultimately, we manage all aspects of water to make sure it benefits everyone and is used in the best possible way.

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