Tech City Stars

Tech City Stars has been developed in partnership with leading Tech City companies to deliver a truly relevant tech Apprenticeship. We work with young people every day to prepare them for, and help them succeed in jobs in one of the most exciting sectors not only in London, but in the UK.

Candidates who apply and are successful will take part in our innovative Reboot Camp™ course. Reboot Camp™ is a 4-week intensive training course and provides the crucial link between candidates and potential employers. It allows companies to find the best candidate for them by facilitating the opportunity for face-to-face meetings with every single candidate.

Candidates can:

  • Meet with employers, find out about their jobs and companies.
  • Improve your business knowledge with special sessions from partners.
  • Practice and perfect your interview technique before the real thing.
  • Showcase your talent, drive and commitment to employers.
  • Make friends, meet new people, build networks and have fun.

Once completed, the candidate will be eligible for a number of our Tech roles, split into three pathways: Digital & Creative, IT Support & Networks, and Web & Software Development. The Apprenticeship is intensive and runs for 13 months of full-time work combined with study in the workplace and in weekly evening classroom sessions.

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