Work in Publishing Week

The opportunities in publishing are endless – wherever your interests may lie, you can be sure that there’s a job at a publisher that you fit into. At its most fundamental, publishing is about communicating ideas, making connections, and linking people who are creating content with the people who need that content. The Publishers Association is the leading representative voice for publishers in the UK and is made up of members who publish academic journals, text books for higher, secondary and primary education, fiction, non-fiction, children’s and learning resources. These sectors need people like you to bring these books to the public.

 The publishing industry requires producers, designers, publicists, editors, agents, marketers, rights managers, salespeople, and more to produce textbooks, academic journals, fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, and interactive apps. A degree in publishing is not required to work in the industry! Publishers regularly offer apprenticeships, work experience, and internships and many are taking an active stance on valuing skills and life experience above holding a higher education degree. The Publishers Association provides information on the variety of paths available on their Careers in Publishing page. During Work in Publishing Week, 13-17 November, the association will be posting a wealth of information on that page and via social media in the form of blogs, videos, top tips and more.

Publishing is the largest creative industry in the UK; it is an incubator for innovation, and it is where ideas come to life. Publishers across the UK are actively looking for the brightest and the best to work with them – people who can bring their skills, their experiences, and their unique viewpoints to the industry. Publishing expands people minds and has an impact on people, who then have an impact on the world. You can be a part of this exciting and constantly changing industry.

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