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At Not Going To Uni we understand how challenging it can be to support your child in making informed decisions about their future career. It’s important that both of you are aware of all the options and the support available. You might also need guidance on the best time to have these conversations, and when.

Getting started

We know from talking to parents how much information is out there, and how daunting it can be trying to decide where to start. You’re probably worried about how much the world of work has changed since you were at school making the same decisions. Perhaps you didn’t receive the information you needed. Maybe you have reservations about giving your child career advice in case you say the wrong thing.

Top tips for starting a career conversation and being supportive:

  • Suggest that you set a regular time and space when you are both free to talk about their career, and let them choose when this happens
  • Ask them what they enjoy doing at school and in their free time - and why
  • Listen without judgement and give your opinions only when asked, offering advice based on what you have observed about them growing up
  • Find out what research they have already done and the conversations they have had with their friends and teachers at school/college
  • Wait for them to tell you how you can support them and focus your efforts on this

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How we can help you

In addition to sharing all of the latest apprenticeship vacancies with you, we’ve asked apprentices already working for some of the biggest and best employers in the UK to share their experiences in a series of case studies. Our blog is a great place to read expert advice from career professionals on a variety of topics including ‘how to’ guides on finding the right career for your child, helping them to apply for an apprenticeship and preparing for a job interview or assessment centre. We have also partnered with Amazing Apprenticeships to deliver The Parent Perspective Podcast. There’s more to come too.

You can also find videos advising you how to use this website on our YouTube channel.

Other resources available

If you’d like to see more (or less) information, support or advice on anything in particular then let us know.

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