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We offer access to degreesmasters and MBA programmes in both online distance learning and flexible on-campus study modes. Our students range from 18 to 80 years old and we support them on-campus (at our Study Centres in London, Birmingham and Manchester) and online. We are proud to offer non-standard entry which means your work experience and previous qualifications are taken into account.

At Arden, we make it our business to help students achieve their potential.


Arden University started life in 1990 as Resource Development International (RDI) a family-owned business, giving learners worldwide an opportunity to further their education through flexible distance learning.

In April 2014 we were awarded Taught Degree Awarding Powers (TDAP).

This meant we could award our own degrees alongside continuing to offer courses awarded by our partner universities.

In August 2015 we officially became Arden University, The only specialist online learning university to launch in the UK in the last 50 years.


With Arden University, students have access to 24/7, multi-device, multi-media learning materials and a leading edge ‘virtual classroom’. Over 90% of students work alongside their studies. Many have family or caring responsibilities so from watching tutorials while you travel, completing assessments on the sofa or using the online library whilst enjoying your holiday, Arden lets you complete your studies without putting your life on hold.


Just because Arden offers flexible distance learning doesn’t mean students are on their own. Students have plenty of one-to one contact and support throughout their studies. And if you do need that extra support, why not opt for blended learning, where you'll get face-to-face contact at our study centres as well as online learning. Academic support comes from expert tutors through regular sessions and tutorials, 1-2-1 feedback emails, Skype and phone calls. For day to day administrative support, each student has a named Student Support contact to keep students on track from enrolment through graduation.


Arden courses are designed with a strong focus on employability so that learning will directly help students in the workplace whether that’s starting a new career, wanting to progress or to change jobs. To support student’s workplace and career development needs, a full service online careers portal helps students search for jobs, develop a CV and sharpen interview techniques. These are just a few of the really useful tools thousands of Arden students have access to. Learn more about career support.


Need a little more structure? Arden has study centres in Manchester, Birmingham and London that offer full time degrees using an innovative ‘compressed blended learning’ schedule. Students get all the same great online materials and support, with the addition face to face seminars during term times. These classes are timetabled to a maximum of 2 days a week in the centre for undergraduates and one 3-hour study session a fortnight for postgraduates – leaving time for working and other commitments.


If you have any questions, contact Arden’s admissions team on 02476 515 700 or email

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Resource Development International (RDI)

Resource Development International (RDI) is the world's largest independent provider of distance learning education, offering students a choice of over 40 qualifications in 13 different subjects from nine different universities. With nearly 20 years experience of supporting over 50,000 university students in the UK and around the world, enrolling 3,000 new students each year, 95% of whom combine full-time work with their home studies and more than 90% who graduate, we know exactly what it takes for you to achieve success.Gaining your UK University qualification

A university degree to advance your full-time job

With distance learning you don’t have to choose between going into employment and a university degree. Take the opportunity to try RDI’s Online Learning Taster, and discover what you can expect from studying with the world’s leading independent provider of UK university distance learning.

You will benefit from flexible studying with world-class tutor support, all while connected with thousands of students from across the globe.

A Level Results - No Place? No Problem

Let me start by sayingcongratulations- contrary to what many naysayers would have us believe each year, studying for A Levels is hard work and I for one firmly believe more attention should be paid to acknowledging effort rather than casting doubt on its validity. But that's the topic of an entirely different blog!

As expected, the overall pass rate has remained fairly static (rising marginally to 98.1%). While the percentage of those gaining top A or A* grades has fallen slightly (from 26.6% to 26.3%), the overall news for students is very positive.

Could online education give your career a healthy boost?

The start of any new year is traditionally a time for taking stock and considering change. For many, this involves a commitment to lead a healthier lifestyle. But what about a healthier career? Here too, it’s surprising what a difference a simple review of current work life ‘habits’ and new opportunities can make.

For many, a successful career health check could involve looking to online distance learning for answers.

Arden University Open Day- 12th January 2019 - Holborn Study Centre

Arden University Open Day- 12thJanuary 2019


Address:Arden University,Buchanan House, 4th floor,30 Holborn,LondonEC1N 2LX

Coming to an Arden University Open Day is the best way to get to know Arden! You’ll get to meet our tutors, find out more about the your course and discover what career opportunities this could open up. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet the student support team, who will be on hand throughout your time with Arden.


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