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BP delivers energy products and services around the world. From finding, developing and producing oil and gas resources, to refining, manufacturing and selling related products directly to customers and on the world's markets.

BP’s energy products keep the world moving and support a range of vital services. Our challenge for the future is to balance environmental and climate change concerns with the fact that oil and gas will still play a big role. So we continually look to develop innovative ways of lowering emissions, while meeting the world's growing energy needs.

It takes a diverse group of talented people to help us create the real change the world needs. From engineers, automotive experts, geoscientists and chemists to accountants, analysts, technologists and traders. All roles offer the scope to contribute from day one, and build a challenging and varied career.

Our diverse and inclusive environment focuses on teamwork, respect and ambition as much as academic achievements. And safety is a priority, as we develop the energy of tomorrow.


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