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Horse racing is a great place to work! British Racing is the second largest spectator sport, after football. With 59 racecourses throughout the UK, racing takes place all year round. We're talking about over 85,000 people in direct, indirect or associated employment of British Racing.

Why join us? Because we're diverse, exciting, youth-friendly and BIG.

We have so many careers you can explore.

It’s not just about who rides the horse and serves racecourse customers. The world of British racing has careers that match YOUR skills and interests, and we offer a LOT of support and development outreach and training to help young people find their path.

Diverse’ isn’t just a word. It’s a way of life.

Our community is a strong network of people of all backgrounds, and young people play a big part in all areas of racing. All you have to do is be yourself.


Did You Know?

The Careers in Racing team are on hand to give advice to anyone that wants to think about working in the sport. They provide a number of free courses year round including Experiential Days, Virtual Open Days and Development Programmes. They also do "Explore Racing" Days across the country at various Racecourses and Racing Colleges. These special events are a chance to explore the diverse range of career opportunities which racing presents, as well as being a great taster experience if you don't know much about the sport!

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careersinracing careersinracing 

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