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At British Gas we have taken Pride over the years as a leader in our Industry, over 7 million UK households have our SMART Meters installed, we service more than 6.5 million homes, and we are the biggest supplier of Gas and Electric in the UK. 

What we haven’t been good at in our ‘traditional trade roles’ is gender Diversity.  It’s pretty poor to be honest.  We know we must change.  We want to change.  We need to change.  And we are asking you to help us do that.

We believe that diversity would make us stronger and smarter, both in terms of our products and services, as well as in terms of the people that work here. We want to create an environment of high performance, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, show craftsmanship, be curious and make a meaningful difference.  

Smart Metering is probably new to you, so we'll provide you with outstanding training at one of our award-winning Learning Centre’s to give you the technical skills and knowledge you'll need. You'll then be ready to go to our customers' homes in your own fully equipped van, with the latest tablet and mobile phone at your fingertips.

Career progression is important to us and we encourage our team to strive for success by offering cross skilling in new trade roles such as – Heat Pump Engineers and Electric Vehicle Charging Point Engineers as well as Gas Service & Repair Engineers. Whether you’re 16, or an experienced professional seeking a mid-life change of direction, we’d like to think there’s an opportunity for you on one of our award-winning training and apprenticeship schemes.

We want to build the workforce of the future – equipping you with the skills you need to succeed.

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