Dr Martens

Dr Martens
United Kingdom


Welcome to Dr. Martens! Before you apply, why don't you get to know us a bit?


Rebellious Self Expression...This is our declaration. The simple, powerful idea that captures our soul. Dr. Martens in three true, memorable, confident words.


INTEGRITY...We're fair. We do things the right way. We don't cut corners. We're good to each other. PASSIONATE...We have fire in our bellies. We have drive. We care about our work. We don't do things by half. We throw ourselves into the task at hand. PROFESSIONAL...We have high standards. We lead our field. We're proud of our heritage. We push things forward. We show the way. TEAM PLAYERS...We look for and play to each other's strengths. We work together. We take responsibility. We seek and share opinions.


CREATIVE...We add to this world. We make things happen. We add flair. We explore. FEARLESS...We rise to a challenge. We step out of our comfort zones. We stand up for what we believe in. RESILIENT...We take knocks and bounce back. We dust ourselves off. We prove ourselves. We stick to a task and see it through. We can always be counted on. REBELLIOUS...We do things differently. We challenge conventional “wisdom”. We don’t follow. We put things out there. We ask what if? We provoke debate.

If these words inspire you as much as they do us, read on and join our team!

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