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Construction is a career like no other

What springs to mind when you think of the construction industry? Hard hats and bricks? Manual labour? Working outside? There’s so much more to construction than simply working on building sites. While the bricklayers and plasterers are still vital, there’s a wide range of exciting and varied roles in construction. Whether you prefer an active job where you’re out and about or an office-based role that relies more on planning and paperwork, you’re sure to find something engaging and exciting in the construction industry.

As well as house building, there’s commercial building and infrastructure, which includes roads, bridges, water, electricity and much more. There’s also off-site manufacture, which is concerned with components and parts that are built in factories and then transported to the relevant site.

The Go Construct website showcases the many career opportunities available in construction and the built environment. The site helps to meet the future skills needs of the industry and to recruit a workforce that is diverse and ready for the challenge of the future. It contains valuable information on different routes into construction, the many and varied roles available, and knowledge about the industry's culture and environment.

If you’d like to find out which construction-based role is right for you, the Go Construct website has a fun Career Explorer tool, which asks you questions to find the ideal position for your personality type and skill set. Visit https://www.goconstruct.org/learn-about-construction/find-the-role-for-you/career-explorer/ to give it a try!

And for those who prefer to learn on the job, there are a huge number of apprenticeships in construction. If you’re aged 16 or over and keen to get started in paid employment, visit https://www.goconstruct.org/routes-into-construction/useful-qualifications-to-get-into-construction/apprenticeships/ to find out more.

There is no shortage of new construction jobs in the UK, with the industry needing more and more skilled people all the time. This is great news for anyone looking to build a career in a thriving, always-evolving industry.

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