Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics


What does LF do?  

Lead Forensics, we are a SaaS business, so that means we sell software as a service. We work solely on a business to business basis, so we get to work with other businesses that are based all over the world.

The software we offer to our clients effectively works as a lead generation tool, it does have other case uses but, through lead generation is where our clients tend to see their biggest return of investment.

Lead Forensics is a very clever piece of software that will sit within a companies website and allow them to track business visitors that have spent time browsing through their webpages but, haven’t necessarily converted through to a completed sale or enquiry. Our clients will get full access to the software, where they can log in to their own dashboard in real time, and they will see a list of all the businesses that have been browsing through their site. They can see what content they spent time looking at, how long they visited for basically see what their journey has been before clicking off of their website. We can then provide our clients with the contact details of these business visitors so, then our clients can then pass this info down through their own sales or business development teams to turn these passive website visitors into actionable hot leads. In a securely governed and GDPR compliant way.

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Company profile type: 
Company size: 
251-1000 employees
Typically recruits in categories: 
Full Time, School Leaver
IT and Digital Marketing

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