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About Us

Regent College London is a leading provider of industry-related higher education. We are a diverse community active in promoting learning and education, with an established record of success rates within UK Higher Education. You will experience an exciting time of study and interaction within an environment geared to draw the best from students, supported by a dedicated team of professionals at all levels who always put students first!

We are dedicated to widening access to education for all prospective learners. As well as offering our services to 18+ students from across the country, we are recognised for our success in attracting applications from under-represented groups, those who are returning to education to gain new or higher level skills, and from those with varying levels of academic success in the past. We are able to work very effectively with students of all abilities to improve their prospects, carry them forward into achieving their academic aspirations, or to forge successful careers.

We offer a range of Business, Health and Social Science and Technology Courses that are designed with future professional success in mind. All our courses are fully accredited. We pride ourselves on our individual approach to our students’ needs and our willingness to work with them to achieve their goals. Our flexible approach means we are always looking to improve what we offer by regularly updating our course information, our academic policies and our quality assurance systems.

Our Range of School Courses:


Reasons why choose us?

  • Study options that fits around your busy life commitments – (Morning, evening & weekend classes)
  • Highly experienced academic tutors with small class sizes
  • Free personal and professional programme: Thinking into Character (TiC)

  • Experience field trips, guest lecturers and industry related presentations
  • Career-focused courses with excellent student support and mentoring
  • Personal, friendly and creative learning environment
  • Five modern campuses with excellent facilities across London 


Our Campus Locations: Wembley, Kingsbury, Harrow, Southall and Central London.





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