Elephant Care Relief Foundation

Who We Are - 

The Elephant Care Relief Foundation is a organisation and project that provides a safe environment for domesticated elephants where they are properly fed, cleaned and loved. We give the space to allow these beautiful creatures to live a life they deserve with help from our volunteers and donations.

Our Mission - 

The mission of the Elephant Care Relief Foundation is twofold. First, we offer an opportunity for people to contribute to the improvement and standard of living of domesticated Sri Lankan Elephants. Secondly we provide volunteers the opportunity to work on a project that benefits the local communities.

Our Approach - 

Here at the Elephant Care Relief Foundation, we rent elephants who experience hard labour or back riding for enough time to relieve their minds and bodies. While at the project, the elephants are entitled to daily bathing and washing in the river as well as relaxing walks on different paths every day, ensuring constant availability of food for them to take whenever they please. The only work they have to do is to carry their large bunch of leaves to their beds. One of the greatest impacts of the project is contributed by Mali, our long term elephant. She has been at the project since 2016, and has completely adapted to the relaxing life we have provided her. Mali’s relaxed attitude is projected onto new elephants who come to the project, allowing them to mould into the life we provide for them. Mali’s mahout, Samandha, also aids in this, as he advises the new mahouts on how to look after the elephants in a way that doesn't require force

Amarasiri's Dream -

Amarasiri founded the E.C.R.F, after seeing how elephants were treated, in 2015. The dream of Mr Amarasiri, and of the project, is to one day get a huge piece of land where we can house up to 15 elephants at one time. In his belief, the life of the elephants is more important than making profit through them. His mindset of elephants and their wellbeing is unconventional in Sri Lanka. Because of this, there is no governmental funding to the project, making it a self sustained organisation.