Virgin Atlantic + Virgin Holidays

Virgin Atlantic 

Since Virgin Atlantic was founded in 1984, we've become the UK's second largest carrier, flying from London to many of the world's major cities including New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Delhi and Johannesburg. We don’t do ordinary. We prefer to leave the run-of-the-mill, the so-so and the average to others. Our business is about delivering the dazzling, serving up the spectacular and making the most marvellous memories - for every customer. Which is where our people make the difference. Everyone that works here - be they front of house or behind the scenes - has an important part to play in creating the Virgin Atlantic experience. That's why we look for talented people, with ideas and energy; passion and personality. People like us who believe if a job's worth doing it's worth doing well, and then some.

Virgin Holidays

We believe in holidays. Not in a serious, let’s-do-yoga kind of way. But we know they matter. These are the stories we grow old with. It’s big stuff. And because holidays matter, we want them to be fantastic. We’re on your side, whether you’re bungee-jumping in Mickey ears or lounging poolside for the seventh sunny day in a row. Ice cream for breakfast? Champagne for lunch? We won’t judge – we’ll just get another round in. Here at Virgin Holidays, we’ve spent over 30 years helping people discover the world. We’ve even done our bit to make it better. And above all, we’ve done it with a style that’s uniquely Virgin. Sound like fun to you? Then this is the place to be..