ZISHI operates as the OSTC Group’s central knowledge suite, a place where professional traders, trainees and external clients can discover world class education programmes, advanced learning, in-person coaching and a host of tools and technologies to take their trading proficiency onto another level.

OSTC is one of the world’s largest international derivatives trading companies, providing liquidity to a range of exchanges across the globe.  We are a top 5 participant on the world’s largest exchanges globally and boast over 450 staff across 7 countries.

Partnering with world-leading Artificial Intelligence specialists and leading sports psychologists, our digital ecosystem offers accredited training and diplomas to help fast track talent into the industry with confidence and autonomy.

For non-graduates and graduates alike, looking to gain a foothold in the financial services, our accredited qualifications are coupled with tailored guidance to support career path aspirations, allowing you to access your own ‘personal best’.