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Terri Schiller

24 year old with more experince than education: Is this still a path which I can take?

Posted: 09/11/16 by Terri Schiller

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I have completed a level 3 travel and tourism course 5 years ago and my results reflected my effort. I did not wish to be in education at the time: now I am older and have gained experience I wish to learn whilst on the job as I am more focused on my aims and goals and have realised the value of education . I know many companies are looking for young school leavers but is this still a route which I can take?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Terri,
    An apprenticeship can be started by anyone of any age – all that differs is the funding that the employer might be entitled to, which pays for your training.
    At the moment, some funding is available to employers up to age 24,(and possibly some more depending on where you live) so I would recommend speaking to your local Colleges about opportunities they may have.
    Some apprenticeship training will be handled by Training Providers, rather than Colleges, often depending on the type of role you are looking for.
    To find these, do a local post code search on https://www.findapprenticeship.service.gov.uk/apprenticeshipsearch and look at the training provider section
    on the details of each apprenticeship near you. Contact each one that covers your area and ask to meet to discuss their opportunities.
    Get a good CV together with detailed information on your working roles - show exactly what skills and knowledge you have gained in your employment.

    Alternatively, look at local College courses that are offered part-time – you may be able to fit that into your current job.
    Good luck

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