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Gemma Whatmough

A Level grades not good enough for Uni

Posted: 21/07/16 by Gemma Whatmough

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I've recently just finished college and I'm worried that i have underperformed in my A Level exams but I really wanted to go on to Uni and complete a Law Degree then a teaching course to become a qualified law teacher. I no longer know what to do as this was the field I wanted a career in and I cannot find anything else I wish to do

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Gemma

    You chose distance learning as the category for your question. Is this becuse you're considering undertaking such a course?

    Would you consider parking the uni option for the time being and getting a job or apprenticeship in the legal sector? There are real possibilities out there for bright youngsters with good GCSEs and a couple of reasonable A levels.



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