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Holly Whittaker

Access to higher education for a degree in nutrition

Posted: 27/04/17 by Holly Whittaker

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I am a 17 year old (turning 18 this upcoming July) currently out of education due to health reasons (I previously attended a Grammar School and studied A levels but not completed). I want to become some sort of nutritionist/ dietitian and I am specifically interested in holistic type nutrition. I intend to progress onto university to study for a degree in Nutrition/ Nutrition and Dietetics and have been looking at the requirements for different degree courses. Many of the courses I have been looking at (for example: Kingston, Leeds, Chester, Oxford Brookes) accept alternative access routes such as Extended Diplomas and 'Access to Higher Education' courses. Is it worth doing a levels again for another two years? What courses are suitable/ accepted for a nutrition degree?

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