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Claire Wortley


Posted: 21/01/16 by Claire Wortley

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Hi, I'm kinda stuck in a rut! I haven't worked for two years and been in education for three due to mental health! However I feel I'm ready to start doing something with myself again! The only thing is because I haven't worked for a bit due to my problems I feel I'm just thrown aside by employers! How am I supposed to get a job if no one gives me a chance to get experience? I just feel like my mental health has just put massive barriers around my future and I'm frightened! I'd consider going back to uni but I don't know if I'm ready! What can I do? Where can I go? I just feel lost and useless.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Claire

    You may be feeling a bit lost but you're not useless. Nobody is useless! It's just a matter of finding the path in life that is right for you in your individual circumstances.

    I'm not going to diminish the difficulty you face as persuading a hard nosed employer to give you a chance to prove yourself is never easy for people who have suffered an episode of mental illness. However, I would make the following suggestions for you to ponder on:

    Getting involved in charitable projects and voluntary work is a good way to build confidence and test out your responses to working with others on group tasks. You may get insights into personal strengths and interests that had not occurred to you before you got ill. Besides that, it can also help to remove or lower barriers to employment as you develop a more active "track record" of experience and references.

    You should consider making contact with a local branch of Mind to see if they offer any support or special projects related to employment. Don't be shy about doing this kind of thing. The way these things work, you do have to push yourself forward before help is forthcoming.

    Finally, I suggest that you make contact with the disability advisor at your local Job Centre Plus office to see if they can offer any kind of assistance.

    Just my thoughts. Do reply if you feel the need to discuss further.

    Best wishes

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