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Am I Still Able To Apply For Apprenticeships As Have Previous Qualifications

Posted: 14/07/17 by Toni Cooper

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Hi, I am currently unemployed after unfortunately losing my job 18 months ago. As I am wishing to retrain to work in a school, I am also applying for apprenticeships through my local council. I have a BTEC First Diploma in Business and Finance, a BTEC National Diploma in Travel and Tourism and an AS Level in General Studies in addition to GCSE's. Please could you tell me if I should put all these qualifications on my application if it is for a Basic level apprenticeship? Only I have heard that if you put certain courses down it debars you from applying. Many Thanks Toni

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    The recomendation is for an apprenticeship to be at a level 'appropriate' to the employees current level of education or training. But there are many exceptions to that - an A* A level in history won't help you in the practical aspects of being a Chef.
    You should be very proud of your qualificattions, and employers will want to know you have the employability skills and attitude to be successful in the role. Leaving them off may also open awkward questions around what you actually did during that time.
    If you have volunteered or worked with children in any way that will help - try summer clubs. Talk to the training provider before applying to any role and ask their advice.

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