Shaun Brayshaw

Am I too "old" to apply for apprenticeship?

Posted: 29/01/16 by Shaun Brayshaw

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Hi I will be 21 in June and am considering applying for apprenticeship however, I'm a little worried that my chances of getting an offer are reduced because I finished my A levels 2yrs ago. After spending a year at Uni and a year of having a full time job, I think that a combination of the two would be perfect for me, hence considering applying. Many thanks S.B.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Shaun

    No, there is basically nothing preventing you from applying for apprenticeships. The fact that you've tried out various things and gained some work experience is all to your credit as employers are likely to view you as someone who is taking your application seriously and not just having a punt on a whim!

    Bear in mind that because you're over 18 the employer will only get 50% funding towards the training costs. This will disadvantage you with some employers but not all of them hopefully as employers differ so much in their attitude to things like that when recruiting new staff.



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  • Adam C

    Sadly I bben looking for a apprenticeship for a year now, maybe it because where I live but, all the good ones are only available to 16 - 18 year olds, there still apprenticeship out there for older but it does put you at a disadvantage.

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