Liam Morgan

Apprenticeship after dropping out of uni & taking 19+ loan?

Posted: 28/06/17 by Liam Morgan

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Hi, I've made some bad choices. I dropped out of uni in the first year, and afterwards took out a 19+ advanced learning loan in order to complete another course (which I have also withdrawn from due to lack of structure/interest) I would like to find a career I enjoy and stick at it, but I feel lost. Am I still eligible for an apprenticeship? Or have I mucked up beyond hope?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hindsight is 20:20, so don't beat yourself up. Look back at why you made those decisions and learn from that. Did you have enough information to make the decision? Did you compare alternatives at the time? What did you need to know at the time that would have made those decisions better?
    Good news is that as of May 2017, the funding for apprenticeships has changed. An employer can receive funding for a qualification at or above (and even below in some circumstances) the level the apprentice already holds. Go for it. But research this time...
    Look for a role that uses your natural talents. With the right attitude to learning; you can pick up the rest.

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