Lamal Macintyre

Apprenticeship Age/ Or should I go study again to go Uni

Posted: 10/01/17 by Lamal Macintyre

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Just wondering whats the best option for me at 23 I feel like I'm to old to do an Apprenticeship again and I really want to do one because I see it as a great way to get a new expierence in an working enviorment. I really want a change and I don t know how to find it but I was hoping an apprenticeship could give me that answer. I gues I'm asking also whats the best options for someone who has gcse qualifications and an NVQ with a lot of work expierence what do I do with it to get further? Should I go and study aswell is that better choice for me now at this age instead of an apprenticeship

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Developing your career depends on developing your skills - your ability to build on what an employer is looking for you to do to gain promotion and responsibility. That could be through a formal apprenticeship, a university course 9id you are 100% sure you need the qualification), or in your own study - even part time - whilst you work.
    You seem unsure of the direction you want to take - and that's OK; you have a long working life ahead of you.
    You have clearly worked for a while, so take a look at all the smaller aspects of work you enjoyed, and see if a new role could encompass more of those things and less of the parts you do not like. Then look at how the skills and qualifications in that kind of job might develop, so you can feel satisfied that their is a career ahead of you and start to upskill. It takes time - a career is a journey, not a line you cross at one point of your life.

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