Lewis Tately

Apprenticeship or sixth form

Posted: 20/04/17 by Lewis Tately

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I am about to sit my GCSE's in may however, i am worried i have not made the right choice to go to sixth form. I am above average academically, not outstanding but above average. I have chosen to do an A-level in Biology, Geography and Physcology. However, i have no reason to take these, i am basically taking them for the sake of taking them as i don't know what i want to do after sixth form. Whereas my father has given me the option to get an apprenticeship with him as he is a self-employed roofer and is quite successful. In this sector i would earn money, be under no stress of exams and be able to put the money into a business of my own or take over his eventually. My mum really wants me to stay on at sixth form but my father wants me to get an apprenticeship with him. I am worried that after the two years of sixth form that no options will open up to me and that i would have gone through all the stress of the exams to get A-levels which i will never use in later life. Any advice on what i should do? i just don't have a plan for sixth form.

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