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Connor Page

Apprenticeship or Sponsored Degree eligibility

Posted: 01/03/16 by Connor Page

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I'm looking for some information on eligibility for apprenticeship schemes and possible sponsored degrees, I have recently finished a year and a half at a university and unfortunately decided that its ultimately not for me. This has left me wondering what the next steps are, I am still interested in obtaining a degree just not via traditional means. How eligible am I to do these forms of work/study? Thanks

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Connor

    There shouldn't be a problem with getting onto an apprenticeship as you have not completed the degree course and do not hold a qualification at level 4. The world is your oyster! What kind of training would you like to undertake?

    Sponsored degrees are extremely competitive and you have to be a real high flyer to make it through the selection process. I really don't think that your track record would help in this regard.



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